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We all want a bright future, but many people stop short of actually painting their dream. I’m not going to give you the entire system here for how to plan out your life and map what needs attention in order to achieve it; however, there are key areas that should always be given special consideration when dreaming big or seeking success in life: family & friends relationships (do they feel like more work?), health (good physical fitness doesn’t hurt), finances–whether one has enough resources at present as well as long-term investment goals).

Go for Total Success

No matter how you define success, the one thing you should strive for in life is total success. You can’t achieve true success if your goals don’t take into account all aspects of who you are and what matters most, so why not go after it?

The world will keep turning no matter how well or poorly we do on any single project here-we might as well put everything into achieving our maximum potential and living a successful life!

It’s Time to Get Serious

Every day is an opportunity to pursue success and grow in some way, and the more time you spend on these aspects of your life- whether that’s reading new books or taking up painting -the better. It’s time to get serious about your future and defining success if you really want to achieve success. You need a plan to identify and overcome obstacles and you can’t just hope for the best, because that would be unfair! Here are some of my recommendations if you want to be one of those successful people who leaves the most positive impact on this world:

1) Faith

A life without faith is like a restless march through randomness. You may have success in other areas, but then lay your head down at night wondering what the point is of being here when everything just feels so meaningless and empty – until you find yourself with Jesus who changes everything! I believe this is where true success begins. That’s definitely where it started for me.

2) Fitness

Achieving success take work, and it’s hard to really shine when your health is failing. The trap of failing health isn’t always obvious, and it tends to creep so gradually that one day we look up from the rat race and realize all our ground has been lost: timepieces no longer tick; ambitions unfulfilled because there was no way for them even start! But now you can take back control – by taking care not only yourself but also those dearest who need us most, our spouse, children, or other family member–because this body was never meant just be a burden or liability in life like some kind old morphine-hinting automaton on its last legs…

We’re designed with incredible strength & flexibility built right into each cell; yet often spend years letting others carry the load. Successful people mind their health and fitness.

3) Family

Thriving family relationships are an integral part of me own definition of success. Family is a huge. Once your family relationships are put on the back burner, it can be difficult to get them out. We work hard in life and try not neglect our family because of that, but if we don’t make time for each other then there will always remain a void where love should be–love from those who know us best.

It happens much too often: people with great careers and families putting “urgent” needs ahead of those loved ones close at hand. They’re busy fighting monster global issues while missing key moments with loved ones around every corner. We could all use a little more face time. It may be time to take a deep breath and evaluate just where you are in these relationships.

4) Finances


Financial freedom is not something you achieve overnight. It takes time and effort to get out of debt, but it’s worth every penny in the end when your achieve success with money and you financial situation finally becomes stable!

Merely paying off the interest on loans can seem like an impossible task without any savings or investment income coming into play – that said I’ve got some great advice for how you might be able to avoid this problem altogether: establish good habits now so they’ll stay with you forever; start saving money regularly (even if its just 5 bucks each week!)…

5) Field


Your field is your career. Where you work, what you do for money- this could be the best or worst time of all! Be the best YOU possible and add value to others by becoming an expert in YOUR field; it’ll open new opportunities to enjoy a great career and will make everyone on Team Awesome happier than ever before!! You’ll also attract more successfull people into your circle, and guess what…iron sharpens irons. That leads us to the next key area.

6) Friends

Just like a family, friends are important. Successful people choose their friends wisely. Some friends can be considered to have become part of your own bloodline – these folks will always feel like “family” to you and vice versa! Be sure not only surround yourself with people who care about YOU but also offer them the same in return by being there for each other through thick or thin. Once you define success for yourself, choosing you friends who align with your values will be much easier.



Achhieving success in life is great, but it’s also important to have the right amount of fun. Too little and you might not be able to enjoy yourself, but if there’s too much then your future will pass by without noticing what happened with this present moment in time -or at least that’s how it feels for me! Fitness, family, friends, and finances sure multiply the fun-factor as well. Fun is a huge part of success in life.


A brighter future is not going to happen by accident. Achieving success is going to happen by design, much like what Steve Jobs did when designing such successful products at Apple.

There is no practice field of life. It’s game time and we only get one chance. You can live life on your own terms, but a roadmap to whole-life success makes it much more attainable.

Moving forward, to be your best and have the greatest positive impact, you’re going to need a coach. Actually, you’ll likely need various coaches in the varies above to really reach your full potential. Go ahead and squash those negative thoughts that tell you you cannot do it. When you stay positive, and begin thinking differently, it raises the ceiling for you to be more successful in life.

The only way to succeed to your maximum potential is get serious about success in life. It takes vision, planning, and diligence. Isn’t your future worth it? It is. The future is coming faster with each passing day. Make sure your future is as bright and successful as it can be.