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People often describe an exceptional leader with terms such as “great leader,” “strong leader,” “powerful leader,” etc. I want to share a term we hear much less, if even at all. Paragon Leader.

“Paragon” refers to an individual or thing regarded as a perfect or outstanding example of a particular quality. It’s a model of excellence, embodying the best attributes of the quality in question. When used to describe a person, a “paragon” is someone exceptional in some way, often representing the highest standard in traits like virtue, skill, or wisdom.

The word is often used to set a standard for excellence, implying that the person or thing described as a “paragon” is an example that others might aspire to emulate.

Now, a Paragon Leader would embody the quintessential traits of exceptional leadership. This leader sets the gold standard in effective management, ethical behavior, and inspiring others.

Here are some attributes that define a Paragon Leader:


A Paragon Leader has a clear and compelling vision for the future. They not only see where they want their team or organization to go, but they also have the ability to articulate this vision in a way that is both inspiring and actionable for everyone involved.

Ethical Integrity

Ethical conduct is non-negotiable for a Paragon Leader. They demonstrate unwavering integrity in all their interactions, making decisions that are fair, transparent, and guided by a strong moral compass.

Emotional Intelligence

High emotional intelligence allows a Paragon Leader to be keenly aware of their own emotions and those of others. This enables them to build strong relationships, navigate complex social situations, and motivate their team effectively.


Adapting to new situations and challenges is a hallmark of a Paragon Leader. They are not rigidly tied to outdated methods and are willing to embrace change when it serves the greater good.

Empowering Others

A Paragon Leader recognizes the potential in others and seeks to empower them. They distribute responsibilities wisely and offer guidance when needed, aiming to help team members grow and reach their full potential.

Exceptional Communication

Clear, open, and honest communication is a key attribute. They are adept at conveying ideas, listening to others, and fostering an environment where everyone feels heard and valued.

Decisive Yet Humble

Decisiveness coupled with humility makes for a balanced leadership approach. While confident in their decision-making, a Paragon Leader is also open to feedback and willing to admit and learn from their mistakes.


They possess a strong sense of resilience, can bounce back from setbacks, and maintain their composure in challenging situations. This resilience often serves as a beacon for their team, encouraging others to persevere.


A Paragon Leader is focused on achieving results but not at the expense of people or ethical considerations. They set high standards and are committed to meeting them, driving both themselves and their team toward excellence.


Above all, a Paragon Leader has the ability to inspire those around them. Whether through their actions, words, or simply their presence, they ignite a sense of possibility and enthusiasm that propels everyone forward.

In essence, a Paragon Leader is not just competent in the technical aspects of leadership but also excels in the intangible qualities that make people want to follow them. They are the epitome of what leadership should be, serving as a model for others to emulate.

Friends, that’s what I aspire to be… a Paragon Leader. How about you?